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Building Care Centre Offers EPS Foam For Inslutions

Over-View of EPS Boards For Inslutions
The most versatile of the three rigid insulation options, EPS is used in Roof, Wall, Floor, Below Grade & Structural GeoFoam applications. EPS foam is the insulation used most widely in insulated concrete forms and structural insulated panels. With the highest average R-value per dollar of the three types of rigid-foam insulation (about 4.6 R per inch), EPS foam costs the least, while meeting or exceeding all required building and energy codes. EPS is approved for ground contact, below grade applications and can be treated to resist insects, and it does not retain water over the long term. When applied as sheathing, EPS should be used over house wrap, or with a product that incorporates a factory laminated option. EPS is available faced or unfaced. Faced products are considered vapor retardant and specialty products are considered vapor barriers. EPS manufacturers (such as Insulfoam) typically warrant 100% of EPS’ R-value over the long term as EPS foam R-value does not degrade over time.
Benefits of EPS Boards For Inslutions
.Reduces air movements in wall
.Stops dew point / moisture condensation in wall
. Blocks air infiltration
.Variety of density, thickness, size
.Long lasting, strong stable
. Cost effective
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